Virtual Shopper

Test consumer response to product changes and marketing using a virtual store.

Gateway’s Virtual Shopper research uses advanced computer graphics and three-dimension modelling to replicate the customer experience of an actual retail store. Eye tracking and biometric responses are integrated with the virtual reality solution to provide objective data on standout and conversion.

To simulate authentic shopping, it’s critical to maximise the detail and realism of the store environment. Our Virtual categories are produced by experienced, global retail designers to create the most lifelike VR environments. Our Virtual Shopper technology allows FMCG companies and retailers to get shopper feedback on:

  • New packaging and POS display concepts
  • Alternative planogram formats
  • Supermarket positioning and adjacencies
  • Marketing campaign effectiveness


Gateway’s Virtual Shopper research is well suited to situations where:

  • Early or exploratory design where multiple concepts can be tested quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Physical proto-types are not available
  • Conducting research in-store is not practical


Watch the above video to review the quality of our work.

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