Gateway Research, specialists in behavioural research with eye tracking and biometric data, have run the world’s largest single store eye tracking study involving over 300 in-store shopper sessions.

The Shopper Compass project, run in partnership with Nestlé, has produced a huge data set of shopper behaviour with details on over 4 million fixations, 700,000 navigation data points and over 10,000 purchases.

What makes this initiative different is that it was run with real shoppers, not people recruited from a panel, conducting their actual shop at their local store resulting in completely authentic data. Their entire shopper journey was tracked.

Dr Peter Brawn, founder of Gateway Research and with over twenty years’ experience in visual science research, said “This study helps decipher the black box of shopper behaviour. It helps marketers understand how shoppers navigate supermarkets and what products and promotional devices are actually noticed. The investment in this research has been significant and the Gateway team has worked for nearly a year on this data to help clients understand what pops out on shelf and the complete in-store purchase funnel.”

Brawn continued “The study found that nearly half of the individual products purchased in the study were not locked in at brand level prior to the shopping session. So marketers armed with information from this research can potentially positively impact millions of dollars’ worth of sales.”

The FMCG industry continues to expand their investment in eye tracking as they realise that it’s all about standout in such a cluttered space. Gateway uses proprietary techniques and analysis to create detailed conversion funnels. The results allow for robust benchmarks to be developed at category and product level.

Nestlé Shopper Insights Manager, Stephen Norcross, said “By applying ground breaking analysis and data visualisation, the project was able to identify positive and negative components of the customer experience and conversion for both categories and individual brands. The Shopper Compass study is an important new tool for gaining fresh insights on Shopper behaviour for the FMCG industry.”

The study details include:

  • New insights on shopper behaviour
  • Conversion funnels to diagnose issues and opportunities in-store
  • Category & product benchmarks
  • Where people dwell in store / in aisle, what they’re looking at when they dwell
  • Levels of consumer planning for each category
  • Shopper activity and impulsivity changes over a shop
  • The extent to which different brands and attributes stand out on shelf
  • Brand Pop-out and purchase timelines
  • Deployment of attention on shelf
  • What approach to shippers works best?
  • Which gondolas work and why?
  • What in aisle POS and ticketing appears to work best?
  • Shopper flow & cross product purchase
  • Pack element level message hierarchy
  • Competitive analysis



About Gateway Research: Since 2007, Gateway Research and sister company Eye Tracker have pioneered and established the commercial use of eye tracking in Australia. Led by one of the world’s leading authorities on eye tracking and biometric market research Dr Peter Brawn, Gateway continues to give clients a competitive edge by combining cutting-edge technologies with unique expertise in perception science and proprietary analytics.

For more information contact: Peter Brawn, Gateway Research


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