Peter Brawn Ph.D. and his team at Gateway Research are at the forefront of vision science and biometric market research Australia. Peter is a former fellow of the Harvard Medical School and was responsible for establishing the eye-tracking lab at Harvard Medical School’s Visual Attention Laboratory prior to moving to Australia to pioneer commercial eye tracking and website testing/usability in Australia.

Biometric market research is an evolving field of neuromarketing that uses science and technology to measure and analyse a consumer’s sensorimotor and cognitive response to marketing stimuli. Within the field of marketing, this area of market research provides highly accurate consumer insights due to its ability to capture a physical response in an authentic environment.

This authenticity allows our clients to more accurately predict consumer response based on their physical response, rather than more subjective ‘intention’ based market research. Gateway Research is committed to finding the right answers for clients not just the easiest answers. Traditional market research often relies on consumers recreating experiences or recalling what they have seen or felt, our scientific approaches help provide new insights and a real understanding of why brands do or don’t appeal to consumers.Gateway Research continues to invest and develop new applications for biometric market research. Some these include shopper research, optimising digital marketing and user experience and the MOVE outdoor advertising measurement system. Gateway have also developed their own proprietary software to analyse data and provide deeper consumer insights.