Media & Advertising Testing

Gateway Research helps optimise your marketing messages. Drawing on a theoretical knowledge of visual attention and perception, coupled with practical eye tracking expertise, we can help you understand which aspects of your materials grab attention and get remembered, allowing you to produce designs with the most impact.


Break through the clutter in your online advertising

How effective is your online advertising? Traditional measurement techniques such as Google Analytics only tell part of the story and don’t provide the insights to help you make your advertising more effective.

Our eye tracking research provides objective insights into the effectiveness of different ad formats, context, locations and even creative approaches. Eye tracking research provides you with heat maps visualisations and gaze plots so you can see if your advertising is grabbing attention, or getting lost on the page.

By refining the format, location and design of your advertising you can induce action and increase the impact of your brand.

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Make sure your outdoor campaign is getting noticed.

Potential eye balls is no longer and effective measurement of outdoor media. But the question remains, is your outdoor advertising grabbing attention? Are customers gazing long enough at your outdoor media for them to receive your marketing messages?

Eye tracking brings a new understanding and rigour to the analysis of outdoor advertising. In fact, Gateway Research is working closely with the Outdoor Media Association to incorporate eye tracking into their new audience measurement system (MOVE) which will be the first such system to incorporate mobile eye tracking.

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Create more effective print advertising

A well designed print advertisement can improve brand recall and induce greater response. Eye tracking research helps develop a clear picture of which elements of a print ad design are grabbing attention, and which are getting missed.

When used during the creative process, eye tracking can help guide key message development and image selection to enhance consumer response. This is achieved by understanding where people look and if the ad is grabbing attention relative to other advertising and editorial content.

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