Since 2007, Gateway Research and sister company Eye Tracker have pioneered and established the commercial use of eye tracking in Australia. Led by one of the world’s leading authorities on eye tracking and biometric market research Dr Peter Brawn, Ph.D, Gateway continues to give clients the competitive edge by combining cutting-edge technologies with our unique expertise.

Gateway Research has a team of twelve, with experts in behavioural research, vision science, data analytics, shopper and media research. Our research team have a strong scientific background in cognitive psychology and perception science. They regularly publish in international journals, present and local and international conferences and provide training to agencies and governments. Our unique theoretical background has enabled Gateway to develop proprietary metrics and approaches that can be used to solve commercial challenges.

At Gateway, we are:

Passionate: about conducting real-world research and validating factors that drive human behaviour.

Objective & neutral: our clients value our independence and fresh ideas.

Collaborative: in our approach to client business problems.

Committed: to valid research by developing ground breaking methodologies and analyses.

Meet our executive team.